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The past year has been a very busy one for the Ladakh Heart Foundation. We have been continuing and extending our activities all over Ladakh, trying to prevent and cure all forms of heart disease, while also concerning ourselves with the general health of the local population, Our efforts can be broken down into four main areas

02/05/02 Location: Ladakh Buddhist Association, Leh.
Series of lectures, attended around 1000 lamas and nuns, by Dr Norboo in co-operation with government health department. Topics covered included: hypertension, diabetes, obesity, diet, and stomach cancer.
18/05/02 Location: Skurbuchan village.
Lecture attended by most of village population, on "ten impending diseases of the new millenium" (TIDNM).

Location: SOS Tibetan Children's Village School, Choglamsar.
Lecture on all aspects of tobacco to entire school (around 800).


Location: SSB military headquarters, Leh.
Lecture for 200 army officers and rank personnel on STDs, HIV and AIDS


Location: Sumur, Nubra.
Lecture for 150 students and villagers on TIDNM


Location: Tongstet, Nubra.
Village clinic with free medicines followed by lecture on TIDNM


Location: Diskit, Nubra.
Lecture for 250 students on TIDNM.
Evening lecture for 40 adults on TIDNM


Location: Lamdon Model Secondary School, Leh.
Debate on anti-tobacco campaign followed by tobacco lecture with all pupils (around 300).


Location: Chief Medical Officer's Office, Leh.
Education programme on TIDNM for the 5 Block Medical Officers and 13 other medical officers. 5 training packs distributed.


Ladakh Ecological Group Hall, Leh.
Lecture to 30 Muslim women on lifestyle-related diseases.


Ladakh Ecological Group Training Centre, Leh.
Lecture on environmental and occupational health problems to 25 teachers.

Jan 2003

Location: District Institution of Education and Training, Leh.
2 Lectures for 250 teachers each on the theme of TIDNM.

Feb 2003

Location: District Institution of Education and Training, Leh.
A further 4 lectures were requested and delivered each for 250 teachers.


Location: Sonam Norboo Memorial Hospital, Leh.
Lecture for 80 paramedical trainees on a theme of TIDNM.
Education on blood pressure measurement, record keeping and body mass index calculation.


Location: CMO's Office, Leh.
Lecture to 20 multi-purpose workers on TIDNM.

29/03/03 Location: Auditorium Hall, Leh.
Lecture to members of Women's' Alliance and paramedical staff on TIDNM.

Location: Government High School, Nimo
Lecture to villagers and students on tobacco and TIDNM.


Location: SOS TCV School, Choglamsar.
Lecture to 800 students on TIDNM


Location: Shara village.
Lecture to 300 villagers on TIDNM followed by clinic attended by 40 patients with free medicines


Location: Bema village.
Epidemiological study on 148 subjects, blood sampled for sugar and serum cholesterol. 2 found to have impaired glucose tolerance.


Location: Dha, Sanjak, Dartsik, Garkon village.
Village clinics for over 230 patients in total with free medicines.


Location: Islamia Public School, Leh.
Lecture to 50 students and all teachers on tobacco.


Location: Islamia Public School, Leh.
Lecture to 50 students on STDs, HIV and AIDS and aspects of TIDNM.


Location: Government Higher Secondary School, Leh.
Donation of "No-Smoking" sign by Ladakh Heart Foundation followed by lecture on tobacco.


Location: Chokhang Lecture Hall, Leh.
Lecture to 50 students on tobacco and alcohol.


Location: Korzok, Tsomoriri.
Village clinic for 80 patients with free medicines.


Location: Gya, Rumtse villages.
Lecture for 150 villagers on hypertension and stomach cancer followed by clinic for 210 patients (in association with army medical corps).


Location: Girls Middle School, Leh
Lecture for 100 pupils and teachers on tobacco.


Location: Middle School, Saboo
Lecture for 80 teachers and pupils on TIDNM.


Location: Lamdon Higher Secondary School, Leh. Health awareness program, lecture given by Dr. Norboo and attended by nearly 300 students.  Topics covered : Introduction to series of Lectures on Health and environment in future.

17/04/04 Girls Higher Secondary School Leh, Introductory lecture on series of talks to be given in schools on Health and environment principal, the staff and students participated.
26/4/04 Mahabodhi High School Choglamsar: A lecture on prevention of air - pollution - tobacco smoking - passive smoking - environmental and occupational air pollution. 150 students and teachers participated in a lively discussion following the talk.
15/5/04 Mahabodhi High School Choglamsar: A lecture on prevention of air - pollution - tobacco smoking - passive smoking - environmental and occupational air pollution. 150 students and teachers participated in a lively discussion following the talk.

Location: Moravian Mission School, Leh. (Forenoon) Health awareness program, lecture and slide presentation given by Dr. Norboo and attended by nearly 100 students.  Topics covered : prevention or air pollution in home, workplace, institutions and open environment (dust pneumoconiosis prevalence), tobacco history, constituents and prevalence of smoking, nicotine addiction, withdrawal syndrome, short and long term effects of tobacco, cessation program, counciling, passive smoking, tobacco advertisement and other strategies of tobacco companies.

29/5/04 Islamia school Leh - Health awareness programme on clean air and prevention of air pollution. About 100 students participated. Dr. Norboo Lecture was followed by lively discussion by Students and teachers.

A well planned health check up cum high altitude resident physical appearance study cum treatment clinic and health education drive was conducted on 6th and 7th July, at Hanley. 200 subjects were studied in detail. The findings finally analysed will be beneficial for planning remedies for common health problems of this area.

This area has been experiencing water and food borne disease in epidemic form - this time we investigated into this epidemic - Entero - haemorrhagic E-coli infection. Samples of drinking water from different sources were taken for bacterial and mineral content analysis. Health education was mainly devoted to hygiene of food, food handlers and surroundings.


Antykoncepcja po stosunku? Zobacz


Under the joint supervision of Dr. Otsuka Kuniaki professor Tokyo women university and Venble T. Chogyal and Dr. T. Norboo consultant Physician LHF & LIP; a detailed health check up of senior citizens of age group 50 and above, young men and women between 20-49 was held on the above mentioned four days.  After registration a detailed questionnaire regarding life style, sleep pattern, depression and view on health. Height, weight, measurement for BMI, Blood pressure measurement in sitting, supine and standing position twice each time; were done.  Then the senior citizens were carried through series of cognitive function and joint and spine mobility tests like up and go test - functional reach test - button score and kohs test, SpO2 and Heart rate and time estimation test.  Finally all of them under went ECG and Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) and Ankle Brachial Index test (ABI) for finding the status of Aortic stiffness.
  Check up by Dr. Otsuka Kuniaki PWV for measuring aortic stiffness

These battery of tests done on 230 subjects in four days was the first of its kind in Ladakh organised by L H F and LIP through kind courtesy of Dr. Otsuka Kuniaki and his dedicated team is an important milestone in preventive medicine.  This data will be analysed and the observation will be utilized to educate the people in prevention and promotion of health of the population.
This will now on be a continuous activity of L H F and LIP.

New Developed area for the LHF site LHF Hospital under construction

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